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Protest with Purpose


Thursday, January 19 6:30 PM

The New Yorker Hotel
Grand Ballroom

To benefit: 

The New American Leaders Project & New Leaders Council 


Party like it's 2009.  Stay involved through to 2020.

Open Bar   *   Hors D'oeuvres   *   Speakers

Music by DJ RuBot from Occupy The Disco  


The Anti-Ingural Ball is not a Trump bashing event, this is an evening put together by a group of like-minded professionals, activists, students and artists, joining together to make a difference in the world around us.  

It's going to be a long four years but we'll get there in one piece, if we join together in purposeful action. #1460 Days of Action to be exact. 

Motivated to make a difference?

Join us, and we'll help you find out how.



Host Committee Members

Kevin Jennings and Jeff Davis

Lori Sackler

Molly Sellner Harris

Marjorie Spitz

Mike Balaban

Marc Baum

Michael Zayas

Noah Levine and Jonathan Rebell

Pablo Rivero

Philip McCarthy

Rob Garris

Sandi DuBowski & Eric Rockey

Saundra Thomas

Stephanie Santamaria and Jeremy Hitzig

Susan Siegel

Talia Bilodeau 

Thomas Patrick Lane

Timothy Pappalardo

Tony Simone

Abey Huert

Alex Roque & Chris Brand

Anthony Carbonetto

Brian Fahey

Cindy Bernat & Doug Crowell

Daniel & Melissa Berger

Daryl Wickstrom and Steve Cunningham

Donna Bascom

Harold Levine

Jamie Ansorge

Joseph Bolduc & Jeff Larsen

Jennie Glazer

Jennifer Parsons

Joan Appell Lipkin

John Tedstrom

Jon Tilli

Jose Lugaro & Diego Fernandez




To learn more about the Host Committee or to join, please email:



JANUARY 19 • 6:30PM - 9:30PM

New York

The New Yorker Hotel

JANUARY 20 • 7:30pm - 1:00 am

San Fran

BIMBO'S San Francisco


JANUARY 19 • 7:00pm - 10:00 pm


Magic City Casino


Your Town

Join the Movement!


Host Your Own!


Want to host an Anti-Inaugural Ball in your hometown - and join our growing, national community?  

Contact us, and we'll do whatever we can to help you join the movement.

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